A three-month-old baby has been eaten alive by rats after her 26-year-old mother left it alone at her residence on an outing

The original report was first published in Swahili
in South Africa and translated in English.

incident happened in South Africa’s township
area of Katlehong, Johannesburg, where
residents made a widespread condemnation
of the mother.
According to the Daily Mail News, the child
was devoured when left at home by her
mother who went for a night party. A
neighbour who spoke on an anonymous basis
said, “The baby could only have died a
painful death. The infant’s tongue, eyes and
fingers had all been eaten.” “Besides the
missing body parts, the remains of her body
had bites and wounds all over that were
inflicted by the sharp teeth of the rats. This
woman must rot in jail.” “She does not
deserve to be a mother.”
Noluthando Mtshali, the daughter to the
careless mother’s landlord said the party
mum only cares about having fun. A witness
confirmed that this is not the first time the
woman would be leaving her children in
harms way. Luckily, only one of her twin fell
victim to the attack by the giant rodents. The
issue of giant rats eating humans is not new
in the neighbourhood. An elderly woman
named Nomathemba Joyi, had her face eaten
by giant rats while she was asleep at her

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