Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

“BSc, Masters degrees, eight professional certificates” Inspiring story of Nigerian man who wrote JAMB 7 times

Mocked, criticized and called a failure after
writing JAMB seven times without gaining
admission into the university, and even
contemplated suicide, Precious Ogechi Ogbueri,
went on to earn a BSc, Masters degrees, seven
professional certificates and and to crown it all,
he qualified as a Chartered Environmentalist in
the UK. Below is his inspiring story:
After my secondary education, I decided to
further my studies.
I wrote the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th JAMB exams
and they were all cancelled. I decided to take
the bull by the horn. I went to Enugu State
University for a pre-degree program. On the
completion of the program, I was offered a
course in faculty of Science but the cultism in
the institution as at then was unbearable for
me, having being attacked twice. I decided to
use the 5th JAMB that was released to study
at University of Port Harcourt. Then ASUU had
a protracted strike that lasted for over six
months, I needed to write a 6th JAMB and I
scored 274 but that score couldn’t offer me
admissions as the two JAMBS were combined
because the strike entered another year.
After the first 6yrs at home, WAEC too was
cancelling my results and I wrote WAEC/NECO
four times. I was frustrated, mocked, criticized
and called a failure. Some of my classmates
were already youth Corpers. Many out of pity
told me to quit because school wasn’t for me.
The criticisms, mockery and name calling from
people that didn’t know what I was passing
through compounded my issues and I started
thinking of quitting/suicide.
One evening, my brother in-law/mentor told me
“Ogechi nobody can frustrate or determine the
outcome of your life except you, don’t quit trying,
you’ll be whatever you want to be” I repeated
that to myself over a hundred times that night
and I assumed the position of a CEO in my life.
I enrolled for another pre-degree program in
University of Port Harcourt, and wrote the 7th
JAMB and it was also canceled but thank God I
passed the BASIC program. So to gain
admissions to do a bachelors program, I wrote
JAMB 7times, WAEC/NECO 4times and Pre-
degree 2times.

However, when I finally entered University, I
passed Rivers State government scholarship
exams to study abroad but few weeks to
departure, another government took over in 2007
and cancelled the scholarship. But I told myself I
must study in Nigeria and abroad…..
People called me a failure but, I don’t know if I
am still a failure, if school is for me now or not,
or if am still bewitched as people said..
All I can remember now is that I have done BSc
in Nigeria, Masters in Safety and Environmental
Management in UK, have seven additional
professional certifications, qualified as a
Chartered Environmentalist in UK and have
worked both in Nigeria & Scotland.
I have learnt that setbacks are actually
strongholds in disguise if we don’t quit trying.
I have learnt that persistence wears off every
I have also learnt as a Christian that if your faith
says Yes, God won’t say No, only be
I give God ALL the glory and shame to the devil.

More Photos of Precious, below…

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