Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

East Africa’s Leading Online Platform, Kilimall Begins Operation in Nigerian Market

To complement its success in Kenyan and
Ugandan markets, the leading online shopping
mall in East Africa, Kilimall has commenced
operations in Nigeria to offer cost effective
products and services to the Nigerian online
shoppers. Kilimall, a well known company in
Kenya berths in Nigeria recently to provide
quality and affordable products that will make
difference in the lives of the Nigerian masses.
According to the Managing Director of Kilimall
Nigeria Limited, Mr. Sandro Feng, the company
is aware that Lagos is becoming one of the
fastest growing cities in the world that bought
about the need to establish Killmall in the
Nigerian market.
He said that, ‘’our management realized the
need to establish Killmall operations in Nigeriaconsidering our success in Kenya and Uganda
markets. Our intention is to make online
shopping more convenient for Nigerians by
offering quality products and services through
our platform.”
‘’We want Nigerians to know that we are with
them by giving them options different from
other players in the industry when they are
doing their online shopping. The company has
the ability to offer the biggest e-commerce
platform in Nigeria and Africa where thousands
of consumers can make their purchase globally
by visiting .‘’Kilimall is barely two months old in Nigeria and
we are here to make lots of difference in the e-
commerce business and that is our primary
‘’Currently we run our warehouses from China,
Kenya and Lagos. Our plan is to open Kilimall
shops across Nigerian major cities as we have
in Kenya and Uganda.
‘’We are confident that our services will meet
up with the expectations of the Nigerian
consumers as we are ready to provide
comfortable shopping experience across the
cities of Nigeria’’, he added.
Kilimall is Kenya’s largest online shopping mall
that was launched in July 2014 which strives to
become the number one e-commerce platform
in Africa.
It serves a retail customer base that continues
to grow exponentially, offering products that
span various categories including Phones,
Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances,
and Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal
care and much more.
Its range of services are designed to ensure
optimum levels of convenience and customer
satisfaction with the retail process; these
services include its 7-day free return policy,
order delivery-tracking, dedicated customer
service support and many other premium

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