Sunday Nov 28, 2021

Face Off: Tekno Miles vs Kiss Daniel

Face Off is where your favourite acts go head
to head in a mash up to shape up. On Face Off
we make the argument that two crocs, no
matter how bad, cannot ply the same waters at
the same level. The winds were heavy all day
and we felt there could be foreword from the
anthills. We were right. The drums sounded and
the oracle dropped a surprise.
The assembly of the gods would summon the
future for today. It is TeknoMiles vs Kiss Daniel,
and we have no argument against the edict of
the divinations. Again, the Chief Priest would
get to work with 5 criteria: pen cred, wiki tales,
micskillz top bite, floetry and, last but not the
least (on the contrary, as a matter of fact),
tube view.

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