Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Finally!!! Singer Simi Talks About Relationship

Simi. Photo Credit: News2 Online
One of Nigeria’s best alternative singer, Simi
has for a long time been linked to quite a
number of artistes in the music industry
including her long time friend, Adekunle Gold,
Falz and recently rapper Ycee of Tiny
Though few days ago Simi took to her Twitter
page to ‘goof around’ by saying she was
dating Ycee in a post, has finally opened up in
an interview with Saturday Beats saying she is
not dating any of the above named artistes.
Adding that they are just ‘friends’.

 Ycee and Simi. Photo Credit: News2 Online
Read excerpts below;

On her relationship with Adekunle Gold, Falz
and Ycee:

“There is no love triangle between Falz,
Adekunle Gold and me. They are both great
artistes that I work with and I enjoy working
with them, that’s it. My account was not
hacked when I tweeted that I was in a loving

relationship with YCEE. People believe
anything these days. We were obviously
goofing around but some people saw it and
believed. At the end of the day, I don’t think it
is necessary to pay too much attention to it.
“Anybody that really paid attention to it would
see that we were just playing around. I know
some people took it seriously but it was a
joke. I am a very playful person and I am
always goofing around but I feel that some
things I say are always taken too seriously
then eventually, it is taken as news.

On her relationship status:

“There is a love interest in my life but I cannot
say if he is an entertainer or not because I
don’t like to talk about my private life. Why I
shroud my personal life is because everything
goes into the limelight, even things that are
supposed to be kept private. I feel that people
should protect the things they want to keep
private. Everybody have things they go
through daily but you do not need strangers to
intrude in your privacy. As much as possible,
keep what you can keep away from the
limelight. My lover and I met before fame
came my way and he is actually the best. I
think he is one of the most mature people I
have met. He is very understanding and he
supports me. He pushes me to be the best I
can be. When the time for marriage comes,
you would get an invitation.”

On her album:

“I am working towards releasing my album and
hopefully, we would release it soon. I was
hoping to release it this year but I don’t really
know if it is still feasible. I don’t know if I
would have the mental energy to mix and
master the album. Because I am a
perfectionist, I don’t know if anyone would
want to do it because I would be contributing
at every step of the production. However,
before my album is out, I would release an EP
with Falz and it would definitely come out this

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