GIST Woman Caught Trying To Impregnate Herself With Used Cond_om

In a desperate move to
keep her blesser a young
university student from
KZN did the unthinkable.

With science making it easy to get pregnant
without actually doing the deed she decided to
use unconventional methods.
Said methods don’t even include going to a
fertility clinic bus can be done in the comfort of
one’s home.

“I checked on the internet for ways to get
pregnant without doing the deed because I once
that it is possible” the girl, who prefers to be
called Mimi told imzansi.
Mimi of course denies that she was trying to trap
the rich guy, she said she wanted a child of her
own but her lover wouldn’t give in. It was
supposed to look like a mistake.
She planned on using a turkey baster to do the
deed. A turkey baster is used to inject marinade
liquid inside poultry so the flavor can be felt on
the inside too.
In case you don’t know what it looks like. This is
a turkey baster:
She was busted when she insisted on throwing
way her man cond_om after the deed. Feeling
suspicious he followed her to the bathroom and
stumbled upon her still in the process of filling
up the baster with the guy’s sem_em.
Mimi said she had to act quickly while the
spe_rm was still viable. Waiting would eventually
render it useless.
Furious with her act the guy quickly bashed her
on social media at every turn he could lamenting
about girls who try to trap men.
One can never be too smart to be played right?


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