How a Brazilian bride tragically lost her life on her wedding day

Every couple’s wedding day is usually a day
of bliss and happiness but the reverse was
the case for Brazilian couple Udirley
Narques and his wife to be Rosemere do
Nascimento Silva.
Rosemere planned to deliver a big
surprise to her fiancé Udirley and their
300 guests in Sao Laurenco da Serra, San
Paulo, Brazil, by entering her wedding
day with a helicopter.
However, in a tragic turn of events, this
romantic stunt went terrifically wrong
leaving the bride-to-be, dressed her
wedding gown dead.
Three others including the bride’s
brother, the photographer (who was six
months pregnant), and pilot also lost
their lives in this incident.
The groom Udirley Damasceno, was left
stunned at the altar when he was
informed that his wife-to-be had died.
The wedding organizer Carlos Eduardo
Batista, told The Sun News, that “all the
laughter and joy got sucked out of the
room the instant everyone knew as no
one knew how to react to this enormous
tragedy. Everyone expected a day of joy
but it turned into a day of horror”.