Sunday Nov 28, 2021

This is probably the toughest puzzle you’ve ever come across

While these may look like a disparate collection
of numbers, there are definite shapes and letters
hidden in there. The latest offering from
Playbuzz claims that just one person in every
2,000 will be able to pass the puzzle.
Those who were able to score 100% got this
message from Playbuzz: ‘You were able to see
all the special shapes and letters the 2’s formed
among the 5’s.

 This means your brain is wired in
a unique way which allows you to see, smell, feel
and understand what most people can’t. ‘You
have the personality of an artist. You are
adaptable, tactile, creative and observant. You’re
a master improviser and you have a natural gut
instinct that you can always trust. Either way,
you’re unique and truly a breath of fresh air.’
Give it a try, see if you can solve it.

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