‘Wonder Woman’ Unleashes New Explosive Photo

December 30, 2016 (10:08 am) GMT
The latest photo has an air of World
War I, featuring Gal Gadot’s Wonder
Woman running in the middle of
explosion and debris.
Set in World War I, “Wonder Woman “
promises many scenes in which its
heroine (played by Gal Gadot )
struggles to save the world from war.
The scene is now teased in a new
photo released via Empire . In the
photo, the heroine with gold-hued
outfit is running bravely with fierce
expression in the middle of explosion.
Director Patty Jenkins says that
Wonder Woman is fighting for
philosophical reason. “What
motivates her is philosophical. She
isn’t just taking out bad guys or
fighting crime. She believes in
goodness and love. [She] is fierce and
willing to fight, but only to protect a
better vision for mankind. Hers is
really a coming-of-age story,” says

Regarding the movie’s setting which
re-imagines World War I, Jenkins
says, “My approach was to focus on
telling the story of mechanized war
and how that would look to a god
visiting our world for the first time. [I
wanted the audience to understand
the horrors that a war on this scale
makes possible and how shocking that
would be to someone who comes with
a strong sense of honor and justice.
She doesn’t realize yet just how
senselessly dark the world can be.”
The movie will feature the origin
story of Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder
Woman. When Diana meets pilot
Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine ,
whose plane crashes on her idyllic all-
female land of Themyscira, she
discovers from the pilot that the
world is in danger. Thus, Diana
decides to follow him to Europe to
save the world from war.
“Wonder Woman” is scheduled to hit
theaters on June 2, 2017. Also starring
alongside Gal Gadot are Connie
Nielsen , Robin Wright, Lucy Davis and
Lisa Loven Kongsli.