Zahra Buhari continued on her journey to becoming Zahra (Buhari) Indimi with a wedding ball held in the couple’s honour on Wednesday night.

The (social) media has been awash in
recent weeks with news of the pending
nuptials between President Muhammadu
Buhari’s daughter Zahra to billionaire
Mohammed Indimi’s son Ahmed.
First there was the engagement with the
billion naira set of luggage and then the
bridal shower on Tuesday , all leading to
the wedding proper on Friday, December

On Wednesday, the engaged couple were
hosted to an exclusive, invite-only grand
ball attended by their closest friends. The
event took place at the Royal Wedding
Hall, Dunes Centre, Maitama, Abuja. The
president and his wife were notably

What they wore

Zahra’s brother, Yusuf (middle) with friends at
the ball.

In line with the classic ball theme, the
groom wore a cream-coloured tuxedo
while the bride wore surreal creations,
first by Elie Saab and the second by
Huddaya, the fashion designer daughter-
in-law of Maryam and Sani Abacha.
The ballroom decorations were largely
white with cream flowers and there was
a snazzy cocktail bar ladened with huge
jugs of various colours of punch.
 ertainment personalities in Nigeria.
The event was anchored by singer Dare
Art Alade and comedian AY. Music was
provided by Dija, Adekunle Gold, Seyi
Shay, Kiss Daniel and Jimmy Jatt among
others. Abuja comedian Senator was also
a guest.

Designer, Hudayya (right) and another guest at
the ball.

“Leave your phones at the door”
The high-security event required guests
to drop their phones and other devices
at the entrance. The president is
reportedly not enthused by the public
scrutiny around his daughter’s big day
and would prefer it be discouraged as
much as possible.
A guest in front of the couple’s official “coat of

According to exclusive gist, the groom’s
sisters were allegedly barred from the
ball as they were deemed responsible for
the leaked photos of the engagement.
Cocktails at the grand ball.