Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Catholic and Catholism has its root in yoruba deity, Osoosi- Ooni of Ife says

The Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II, has
said that Catholics and Catholism has its
source from the Yoruba deity, Osoosi. Ooni said
this at the celebration of the Osoosi deity
believed to be the father of philanthropy and
religious congregation for purity and sanity, in
Ile Ife Osun state Tuesday January 17th. He
“This is a landmark festival for us.
Mankind started from the tropical Africa
and it is the most populous. This is one
of the historical landmarks to prove that
everything started from the continent of
Africa and Nigeria which is the most
populous nation that belongs to the black
race. We are here at the Osoosi and
Obatala temples to celebrate. Osoosi’s
temple is where the gathering (religious)
started from. Religion should be used to
preach peace and unity.
We must do what we preach and the
foundation must be solid. The entire
black race should see this as their
culture and tradition. We have to propel
it well. We are not hiding anything. We
are preaching peace, unity and peaceful
co-existence which is the problem of
many societies in Africa. Believing in the
positivity of our ancestral religion will
help to solve all these problems.
“The guardian that Osoosi used was
called ‘Ka to ka ki ki ki, ka fi enu re so
le’ in which catholic and catholism came
from. It is the congregation that led to
Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and
Islam; many other religions started from
here. It is the house of God. What they
do here is to take care of the less
privileged people, the downtrodden, the
oppressed, and people that are low in
spirit and that has been happening up till
date. But when westernisation came, all
the cultures and traditions were
People were made to believe that they
are not good things. What we do
basically is nature driven and we want to
showcase to the world that indeed
everything started from here. Osoosi
came to this world thousands of years
before Jesus Christ and Prophet
Muhammad (SAW) came. It is one of
the early creations of God. We need to
showcase our culture, nobody can do
that for us. We need to let the whole
world know.”
He also likened the Osoosi’s feature of not
bearing children to the Catholic pope’s
restriction from marrying.
“Just as Osoosi destined not to giving
birth to children, so also is the popes at
the Roman catholic. There are many
good things from the African religion and
those in Rome can not dispute it,” he

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