Jay Bowdy, American Actor Who Shot Himself Inside Car In Los Angeles, Streamed Suicide Video On Facebook Live Arrested For Sex Assault (Photos)

Texas-born Fred Jay Bowdy, a 33-year-old father
of six took his own life on Monday while driving
in LA days after he was arrested for sexually
assaulting a lady.

Bowdy who is a very popular figure on the social
media reportedly took his own life around
5:30am on Monday but before then, he told his
Facebook followers to watch him kill himself.
A family member who watched the suicide called
the officials of Los Angeles Police Department
who rushed to the scene.
The body of the budding actor and exotic dancer
with gunshot wounds was recovered from a car
near Cumpston Street and Fulcher Avenue in LA
around 5:58am.
Bowdy was arrested in Santa Clarita last week
for sex assault and was released after posting
$100,000 bail and had not been charged with a

He reportedly discussed his challenges with
followers before pulling the trigger on himself.
Those who witnessed the brutal way in which
the depressed father of six took his life were
obviously disturbed.

A Facebook user Meco Harden who witnessed
the live suicide said

“His voice. His pain. His tears. Everything he said.
The sound of him pulling that trigger and hearing
his blood pouring messed me up!. “I will NEVER
forget that sound. Shook me to my core.”
The video was immediately removed from

A gofundme page has been opened for his wife
and children.
Sad! He just deprived his six kids the chance of
having a father. Suicide is never a solution to a
temporary problem.