Must Read: 14 year old Zuriel Oduwole meets with US Secretary of State, John Kerry(See Photos)

14 year old Nigerian-America filmmaker and

writer, Zuriel Oduwole has met with the US
Secretary of State, John Kerry.
Zuriel Oduwole is popular for her education
advocacy campaign and for being the youngest
filmmaker to have a self-produced and self-
edited work among other achievements.
Sharing photos from her visit, Zuriel wrote,
“Met John Kerry – US Secretary of State.
Happy New year to you all and hope you
had a Merry and Safe Christmas. I am
just so very, very thankful to the LORD
for where he is taking me and what he
wants to do in the lives of the youth of
this world today. I just met with the US
Secretary of State, John Kerry in his
office in Washington DC. Some of you
might think so, you’ve already met 23
World Leaders and recently spoke at the
UN. This is very different. Secretary
Kerry’s decisions affects the whole
worlds foreign and economic policy. And
next to President Obama, he is the most
visible member of the US Government
leadership. The whole world knows who
he is. What’s so cool is we talked about
Girls Education, and all the State
Department has done the last 4 years on
this serious topic. Like me, he believes if
all people in a society are included,
especially Girls and Women, then that
society does much better. I believe that
so much. That’s another reason I am
teaching young children some basic film
making skills, so they can add to their
society’s development. We all can do
something very small, to empower
others, or encourage others. I truly
believe so”

More photos below…

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