Must Read:Man jailed for torturing 20-year-old woman with burning iron and raping her repeatedly for 3 days

A man who imprisoned a woman in his flat
while he raped, brutally beat and tortured her
with a burning iron has been jailed for a total of
23 years.
Courtney Hutchinson,32, also known as DVS,
force-fed and burnt the 20-year-old woman,
made her take scalding showers and savagely
beat her before repeatedly raping and telling
her she would die.

Hutchinson pleaded guilty to rape and false
imprisonment on the second day of his trial at
Snaresbrook Crown Court on Tuesday, 12 July.
He was sentenced on Monday, 9 January and
will remain on the sex offenders register for

Detective Sergeant Jimi Tele, from Newham
police, said: “I would like to praise the bravery
and determination of the victim of this truly
harrowing ordeal. Her resoluteness in coming
forward and working with the police in securing
the imprisonment of a truly dangerous offender
is worthy of the highest recognition.
“Courtney Hutchinson subjected his victim to
the most shocking and repeated levels of
violence. It was her determination, in company
with the skill of the investigation team, that
allowed the full severity of the attack to be
revealed and that ultimately led to Hutchinson’s
arrest and conviction.
“The level of violence he inflicted was so
severe it demonstrated his total disregard for
the victim as a human being, subjecting her to
levels of callousness and danger that are rarely
seen. The evidence against him was
overwhelming but the fact that he decided to
plead guilty, removing further ordeal for the
victim, can only be welcomed.
“The victim and the public can be safe in
knowing that Hutchinson no longer poses a risk
to them as he begins a significant term of
imprisonment. Finally, I would like to add that
the Metropolitan Police Service is committed to
pursuing those who commit violence and
particularly those most dangerous offenders. I
am conscious that there may be others who
have suffered similar violence, whether at the
hands of this offender or another, and I would
urge them to approach the police.”
On Friday, 5 February the woman drove to a flat
Hutchinson used in Inverness Mews, E16.
Hutchinson – also known as rapper DVS and as
1ARDA on social media – immediately attacked,
punching and kicking her. Afterwards he forced
her to eat a meal before going to bed. The
following morning Hutchinson became even
angrier and repeatedly hit the victim.
He went on to push the legs of a chair into her
stomach, drag her around the flat by her hair
and whip her repeatedly with a phone charger
cable. He pressed a heated iron onto her
exposed skin several times before holding it
above her face and demanding she burn herself
as she pleaded with him to stop.
Hutchinson told the victim she needed to be
punished and made her put her hands behind
her back while he punched her in the face and
The force of his attack left the woman with 40
injuries, including a fractured eye socket, broken
nose, dislocated shoulder, stab wound to the
hand and severe burns.
Hutchinson told the victim that she would die
the next day. He counted down the hours,
telling the victim to call her mother and say
He went on to rape her. The following day,
Sunday 7 February, Hutchinson continued his
assault, also forcing the victim into a hot
shower and stamping on her burns.
He filmed her, making her state on camera that
she was a bad person. Throughout the entire
ordeal he kept her naked while he controlled
her every movement. She truly believed she
would die.
When the victim finally saw an opportunity to
escape, she fled naked into the street.
Hutchinson, also naked, ran after her, saying “I
have got you now.”
A member of the public came to her aid,
despite Hutchinson claiming the victim was his
wife and everything was OK. Police were called
around 23:00hrs. The victim was taken to the
Royal London Hospital and continues to receive
treatment for the injuries Hutchinson inflicted.
Hutchinson was arrested on Wednesday, 10
February and questioned about the events of
that weekend plus a separate incident the
victim told police about. On Wednesday, 6
January 2015, he threw a plate at the woman,
causing facial injuries.
He was charged and pleaded guilty to GBH with
intent at an earlier hearing on Friday, 15 April.
His sentence includes this offence. The rapper
– best known for songs Hometown and Passion
– played Brownie in a gangster film called The
Intent. The film was released in July 2016 and
also stars grime artists and rappers including
Krept and Kronen. In one scene Brownin is seen
burning a man with a hot iron – the same form
of torture he was to inflict on his victim months
The filmmakers have since released a
statement apologising to Hutchinson’s victim
and condemning his crimes but the film is still
available in its original form online.
Hutchinson was arrested on February 10. He
pleaded guilty to GBH with intent, rape and
false imprisonment despite a Tweet being
posted from his Twitter account seemingly
proclaiming his innocence. A statement
published by the makers of The Intent in July,
when Hutchinson pleaded guilty to the crimes,
“In light of a recent criminal case surrounding
one of the supporting actors from The Intent
cast, we would like to release this statement
expressing that in no way do we condone the
actions and behaviour of the individual or any
persons involved.
“Before the production of The Intent
commenced, (two years ago – in July 2014) all
cast members were vigorously screened with
respect to any criminal activity and gang
affiliations before being allowed to participate.
“We would like to offer our sincerest
condolences to the victim of the crime and
hope that she makes a speedy recovery. Like
most people, we are shocked and appalled by
this heinous crime.”
Source: Metropolitan Police/Evening Standard

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