Must Read: Adorable viral video of curious little girl who wants to know where Obama is

A little girl is full of questions about American
politics and she bombarded her mother with
them. In an adorable series of Instagram videos
that her mother posted online, Taylor asked her
mother questions about where Obama went,
why he had to leave, and so many others.

She looked really curious and her facial
expression as she asked those questions is
another thing that got people to love the video.
Her mother shared the video and wrote in the
caption, “This all started because she wanted to

know, Where did Barack Obama go? And where
is the president’s house. She is still mad.”

The little girl started by asking: “Where did
Barack Obama go? Why do we have another
president? So, why did he go? Where did he go?
So, why do we have the president we have now
at the same spot (Obama) was and why did he
leave it anyway?”
Her mother responded patiently: “Because a
president can only serve two terms…”

But Taylor didn’t seem convinced.
“But, how come Hillary (Clinton) did not get to
be the president and why is she the loser? And
what are they even supposed to be

winning?”Taylor asked.
Her mother replied: “They get to be the
president of the United States.”
Her mother went on to explain to her that it

was Donald Trump who now lives in the White
House. Taylor seemed exasperated with that
answer and threw her hands in the air, saying:

“But why does he have to live there?”

“Where do you want him to live?” her mother

“I want him to live somewhere else,” Taylor
said. “I don’t want him living in Texas!”
Is the White House now in Texas? Lol.

In the last video, the mother got tired and
simply told her that it’s a long story. The girl

than asked to join her mother in watching the
news so she can know as much as her mother