Couple captured on camera having sex for over 10 minutes at a bus stop in broad daylight

A couple was captured on camera having sex at
a bus stop in broad daylight and they were in no
hurry to finish up as they spent 10 long
minutes. The couple was seen getting frisky at
the bus stop in Elgin in Scotland and Debbie, 26,
filmed it then uploaded it online where it has
been viewed thousands of times.

Debbie Moir said she spotted the couple having
sex after she looked out of the window to
decide if she should take her mum’s dog for a
walk. The footage taken with Debbie’s mobile
phone appears to show a couple, believed to be
in their early 20s, having sex at a glass bus
stop just before 7 pm.

Catering manager Debbie said: “I was shocked
to see them doing that in such an open area.”
The mum-of-one continued:

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I
was just speechless. Once I got over the
shock of it I had a good laugh. It’s
absolute madness. It’s a housing estate
and a really busy street that gets lots of
traffic and it’s usually full of kids,
obviously because it was raining there
was no-one about.”

“My sister pointed out that the girl was
wearing a skirt in the pouring rain and
reckoned she obviously knew what she
was going to do. They could have at
least waited until it was dark – or gone
somewhere a little more private.”