Linda Ikeji TV presents The Black Room: Adults Only! (This show is for 18+ only o) Coming soon!

So guys, Linda Ikeji TV is about to scatter your
head with our new show called, The Black
Room: Adults Only! It’s a sex show! Not a
relationship, love or marriage show…it’s strictly
sex and nothing but

We will talk about everything there is to talk
about on sex: Giving head to your man the right
way, men going down on their women and why
some refuse to do so, finding your G-Spot as a
woman, foreplay, women who fake orgasm, how
you can enjoy sex even if you’re circumcized,
pre-mature ejaculation in men, sex addiction,
masturbation and so on and so forth, will all be
discussed by sex experts, therapists and men
and women who know all about sex. The show
will be presented by the lovely Chioma

All you wives and ladies with boring sex lives,
thank me, Linda Ikeji, later. It was my idea…lol.

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