Melania Trump’s parents visit their daughter in the White House and everyone is saying Trump bears a resemblance to Melania’s father

Soon after Melania Trump moved into the White
House with her son Barron over the weekend,
her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs,
disembarked Air Force One to visit the first
couple but what strikes a lot of people as
unusual is the fact that Melania’s dad looks
sort of like Trump.

A number of people pointed out on Twitter that
Viktor Knavs and his son-in-law, Donald Trump,
have some similarities, even down to the black
suit and red tie. New York Magazine’s “The
Cut” even acknowledged the similarities in
appearance with an article titled “Hmmm,
Melania’s Dad Sure Looks Familiar.”
Melania, herself, once commented on the
resemblance between her dad and husband.
She once told GQ:

“They’re both hardworking. They’re both
very smart and very capable. They grew
up in totally different environments, but
they have the same values, they have
the same tradition.”
Do you agree that Trump and his father-in-law
share some similarities?