Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

“Tell my sons I love them”- Great grandfather’s final phone call while he was trapped in Grenfell Tower flat

A great grandfather is one of those still
missing following the Grenfell Tower Inferno in

Tony Disson, 65, has lived in Greenfell for 9
years and was trapped in the bathroom of his
22nd floor as fire engulfed the entire building
early on Wednesday morning.

The father-of-four, seeing no means of escape,
made a final phone call to a friend and told him
to “Tell my sons that I love them.”Prior to that
final call, he had made a number of other
desperate calls to friends and relatives to let
them know that he was trapped in the

Tony’s oldest son Lee, 47, who is disabled,
heard of the tragedy at 6 a.m. when a cousin
from Blackburn, Lancashire, called and told him
to turn on the TV as his father’s tower block
was on fire. After seeing the horrific images on
TV, he drove down to London with daughter Sky,
26, from his home in Peterborough,

Disson’s four sons and other family members
spent all of yesterday searching hospitals and
rescue centres for him but have so far found no
sign of him.

Lee said:

“People called my Dad and said, ‘Put a
blanket over your head and get out.’ He
said he couldn’t as he was in the
bathroom and the floor was too hot. A
friend then called him at 4 a.m. and one
of the last things he said was, ‘Tell my
sons that I love them’. Nobody was able
to contact him after that.”

Lee said he believed that one of his half-
brothers had spoken to his father on the phone
at around 3 a.m. Father-of-three Lee, who had
not seen his father for several years, said he
still has not given up hope of finding his father.
He said: “I have found out that he did not make
it, but I have not completely given up hope. I
have left my details at the rugby club which is
being used as an emergency centre and I have
been asking around for him. My dad was well
known down here and I have had loads of calls.
He had been in the flat for about nine years. He
lived alone and was quite happy there.”

Tony had son Lee from his first marriage and
three sons Harry, 23, Alfie, 21, and Charlie, 19,
with second wife Cordelia. He also had five
grandchildren and four great-grandchildren with
another due to be born soon. Tony’s first wife
Anita Rawlinson who lives in Peterborough, said
his flat was on the side of the block where the
fire had started as he couldn’t make it out.
Anita said: “I think his flat was on the side of
the block where the fire was.”

Lee’s wife Sandra, 47, said: “Tony had been
moaning about the damp in his flat. The block
was old and did not have balconies. I think they
should have knocked it down as it was in such a
state and re-housed everyone elsewhere. But it
looks like they did a cosmetic job on it by
tarting it up with cladding to make it look

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