Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Kylie Jenner admits she’s jealous of sister Kendall ” I Wish I Can Do What She Does” She Says:

Kylie Jenner admitted she’s jealous of her big sister Kendall in her new reality show, Life Of Kylie.
The 19-year-old who is one of the most popular faces in the entertainment business compared her life to that of Kendall and her glamorous model friends.

Looking downcast, Kylie said to her best friend Jordyn Woods: “I see Kendall, Bella (Hadid) and Hailey (Baldwin), they’re out here every day, they just put their outfits together, they’re made for this.”

She continued: “I just feel like this fame thing is going to come to an end sooner than we think. I just don’t know who I’m doing it for. Sometimes I wish I can do what they (Kendall and friends) do. But that’s not me.”
Kendall has worked her way up to become a highly sought after model in the fashion industry. She constantly shares photos of herself walking the runway with other popular models, partying with them and generally living the dream of every model and Kylie wishes she could have that too. Kylie owns a successful cosmetic range and has her hand in a lot of successful businesses. She is also highly popular on Instagram but she wishes for more.
Later in the episode, Kylie vented her frustrations with fame, saying, ”I just want to run away.’ She also spoke to a therapist about her struggles with being in the public eye.

“When you grow up on camera, people feel like they know you,” she said “I for sure didn’t choose this life – but I’m not going to say I’m not keeping up this lifestyle. I don’t like all the attention because it reminds me I’m Kylie f****n Jenner.”
Kylie disclosed she has a soft spot for outcasts because she has always felt like one.

She said: “I have a soft spot for the outcast because I was the outcast I guess in a lot of ways growing up, and I still feel like an outcast in different ways because I can’t relate to a lot of people so it’s like this sort of world, I do feel like an outcast.”

Kylie says she feels like she lost the funny side of herself due to the fame and is constantly putting out only a version of herself. She added that she depended on social media to “keep up this idea of who I am” and that the moment she values the most is when she can be a normal teenager. The fame, she says, sometimes makes it impossible to do normal things.
Kylie said: “Kim always says this is what she’s made for and I respect that. But it’s hard to do normal things when every single person knows who you

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