Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

28-year old model dies after suffering bleeding in the brain while singing at karaoke

A 28-year-old freelance model, Karen Stella Wong was singing in a karaoke lounge with her friends last week when she suddenly felt numbness in half her body, along with a headache.

She was taken to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where she went into a coma and died three days later. She donated both her kidneys and her liver.

Her father Laurence Wong told The Straits Times on Tuesday that doctors certified her cause of death as acute intracerebral haemorrhage, where bleeding occurs within the skull.

Until her death, she was a marketing consultant who did freelance modelling on the side such as for telecommunications company Singtel, did not die because of singing in a too-high-pitched voice as reported by Chinese-language newspapers, he added.

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