Do you know?Vicor Ad is now legally married. Photos

The fast rising Afropop star Victor Ad who is popularly known for his hit song ‘wetin we gain’ took to his Instagram indicating he’s no longer single and neither is he gonna allow his bride be stollen. The warri boy is super excited about his new decisions to be with the one he truly loves.. Congratulations to him as he begins his new life.

      I know say some girls the vex for our matter,🤐 but I no won taste any other soup. 😍😋 I Dey ok with this your ogbonor and the small perewinko wey you take dey coordinate am.
😍😍🙈🙈 E Dey burst my head.
You break my screen guard 2secs😩. They have #noidea.. 
Congratulations @Vitotoadere