Sunday Nov 28, 2021

Linda Ikeji explains how she moved from her humble beginnings to building a media empire as she covers Business Day’s The CEO magazine(Photos)

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is the latest CEO to grace the cover of Business Day’s The CEO magazine.
The Linda Ikeji Media CEO sat with Business Day Magazine’s Editor Lehlé Baldé to speak extensively about building a media empire from next to nothing.
Linda Ikeji Media business began 12 years ago as just a personal blog where Dr Ikeji shared her personal stories. But she decided to do something different after reading Perez Hilton’s blog, she told Ms Lehlé Baldé.
At this point, she began including gossips and entertainment stories and realized it increased her reach. This set her apart from other bloggers and soon turned the blog into an income-generating business.
Now, Linda Ikeji Media has expanded to include the Linda Ikeji TV and also a digital marketing company.
It was no mean feat but Linda said she achieved this with patience and also by not paying attention to the naysayers and all who tried to demean what she does for a living. The blog did not begin generating income until years later, but she said she kept at it and put in the work.
Linda Ikeji said her business ideas come from trying to meet a need. She said:
I think my ideas always come from my vision and where I see a need or where I think will be successful.
This, she said, is what led her to diversify the Linda Ikeji Media to TV and, more recently, digital marketing.
To read the full interview, download the newspaper here .

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