Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Piers Morgan screams out in pain as he’s hooked up to labour simulation machine and made to experience childbirth live on TV

Piers Morgan screamed out in agony as he simulated childbirth live on TV.
The 54-year-old presenter, while hosting Good Morning Britain, was hooked up to a “labour simulator” so he can feel what women go through when giving birth.
The pain Piers was in was so intense that his face looked like it was about to burst. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he ripped the pads off his chest, telling the cameras and the machine operator: “That’s enough.”
The outspoken presenter then said: “That cannot be what childbirth is like, really. I can’t believe that. Is that really what childbirth is like? I can’t believe that.”
But Piers was only experiencing half of what childbirth is like because he only had to endure contractions and not the pain and tear that comes from actually pushing the baby out.
Piers later apologized to women for ever making light of childbirth.
He said: “On balance, for the women of Great Britain, I probably owe you a slight apology.
“I’m very glad that we don’t have to go through this. I’ve got to say, that was agony. If that is what you honestly go through then my respect for women in terms of childbirth has gone through the roof.
“That was painful.
“I’m never again going to joke about childbirth.”
He also took to Instagram to apologize to women.
Web users were amused by Piers’ reaction after he was shown just a bit of the pain women suffer during childbirth, and they took to Twitter to poke fun at him.
One tweeted: “Hilarious seeing Piers Morgan experiencing childbirth pains for just a few minutes I wonder how he would cope with hours and hours.”
Another added: “Funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in a while!! Piers Morgan experiencing the effects of child birth after saying men suffer too. Hilarious!”
Watch video below.

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