Araratak village in Akpabuyo is in trouble.. ( Photos)

A village in Akpabuyo LGA called Aratak in Cross River State seriously need the government attention. It is understood that the recipients of that village had been having this challenges for years but no remedy and so they have decided to beacon on the

 government for urgent assistance for they can not do it all by themselves. According to our report from the recipients of the village. They said a young politician had promised to fix the road. And so he had already began part of his promises but at some point he stopped. So the people over there saw that the work load would be too much on him and so they’ve decided to air out if their needs could also be met.

The condition of the road is severely bad and no one is bothered said one of the recipient. Maybe because I don’t have a car and that is why I feel bothered and soliciting for the voiceless. How sad it is for one to suffer no good road and not constant light. It is just disheartening, but I believe God will see to us, said another.