Adekunle Gold’s wedding photos causes ripples (photos)

YBNL artist Adekunle Gold seems to be
eager to settle down with a woman.
Adekunle Gold
This is good news for single ladies,
the Orente singer is altar ready, he does not
want a baby mama!
The YBNL artist advertised his availability on
Instagram on Wednesday, November 30 and
even dressed ready for his traditional
wedding in all aso oke outfit.
He posted this picture and said he would
make a good Yoruba groom. He is asking,
”are you ready to marry me?’ He wrote:
“ I’l make a fine ass Yoruba groom bruh😋.
Who’s ready to marry a Yoruba man(not
demon 😒)?”ç
Gold is known to always sing about his love
for a lady or his search for one. First, it was
Shade and later he sang Orente after which
he begged God to Pick Up His Call for a
good life and wife. When he thought God
was not fast enough in answering his call he
sang Ready in which he announced he is
ready to love. And now he has brought
himself to willing ladies.
Adekunle Gold
Adekunle Gold is for grab, ladies what are
you waiting for? Hurry before the offer
closes! But wait a minute, but people say
there is something going on between Gold
and JAMB Question singer Simi?


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