Check out the $400,000 a month Malibu mansion where Beyoncé is renting to bond with her new twins, Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Since giving birth to her twins, believed to be a
boy and a girl, Beyonce and her newborn babies
have been in this lavish Malibu hideaway to
keep away from prying eyes and also to give
them time to rest and get used to their new

The luxurious mansion, which overlooks the
Pacific Ocean, has extensive 6.3 acre grounds
and boasts of 14 bathrooms, 10 bedrooms, a
25ft infinity pool and it costs $400,000 a month
to rent.

It has a rose garden with more than 1,000
flower bushes, a landscaped desert area and a
tennis court complete with a viewing deck.
Beyonce is renting the La Villa Contenta until
the end of August, that is for more than two
months, so do the math.

Beyonce moved in on Wednesday after leaving
the hospital following the birth of her twins via
cesarean section. It is reportedly another
reason why she rented the secluded location,
she wants a nice, quiet place to recuperate. Her
mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, was seen on
Sunday arriving at the luxurious house to visit
her grand babies. She arrived in a black Porshe

Neighbours at Beyonce’s lavish hideaway
include Halle Berry (she has a house that sits
directly on the sandy beach facing the Pacific),
Caitlyn Jenner, Barbra Streisand, Pamela
Anderson and Julia Roberts. The La Villa
Contenta has been featured in a lot of movies
such as, in HBO’s True Blood, in CW series
Privileged, Funny People, and more.

See more photos of the mansion below…


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