Fiorentina sporting director, Daniele Prade reveals he infected nine members of his family including his wife and daughter with COVID-19

Daniele Prade, the sporting director of Serie A club Fiorentina has revealed that he infected nine members of his family including his wife and daughter with the deadly Coronavirus.
Describing his harrowing experience with the virus and his fears when his family members were hospitalised, the 53-year-old told Sky Sports Italia :’I experienced Covid-19 first-hand. In fact, nine members of my family got ill and I brought the virus into my home. It hit my wife, my daughter, my in-laws, and nephews.
‘The worst of it was for my in-laws, who I was genuinely frightened for. They were in hospital for 30 days, fortunately, they were at the Spallanzani, one of the best clinics in the world for this virus.
‘This virus is sneaky, it’s a b*****d. You can’t even get out of bed, you have a high fever, sweat, cough, diarrhoea. And it becomes genuinely scary when you see those around you getting ill too and even an ambulance coming to take away your in-laws
Prade also disclosed that he and his family members who all got infected have fully recovered.
‘Fortunately, we all recovered and I will always be a spokesman for the measures we must take to prevent the spread of coronavirus.’
In Italy, 222,104 cases of Coronavirus have been recorded with 31,106 deaths and 112,541 recoveries.


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